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Registration for

GPK Belwood Fall Nationals 2015

Saturday October 17,2015

7th Street

Belwood, On.

$20 per Sled track fee to be paid on race day at Registration.

Entry fee is $10 per class.

General admission $10, Kids 12 and Under free.

No track fee or entry fee for

Kids or Youth Classes.

2015 Grass Drags Registration Form

I have raced with GPK before

Select an option

Name (Required)*

Parents name is racer is a minor (Required)*

Date of birth (Required)*

Full address including postal code. (Required)*

Phone number (required)*

E-mail address*

Sled/ATV Number (If you have more than one sled, use the same number for each with an A, B, C etc after the number)

Sled/ATV make

Sled/ATV model

Sled/ATV year

Engine CC

Number of cylinders

Type of cooling


Type of exhaust

Track Type

Please list any modifications done to sled/ATV. Type None if no modifications.

Kids and Youth Classes Classes 1 thru 3 (Sleds)

1974 and older Super Stock F/C F/A Classes 4 thru 6

1990 and Older Super Stock F/C F/A Classes 7 thru 9

1990 and older Super Stock Liquid Classes 10 thru 12

Run Whatcha Brung Classes 13 thru 16

Late Model Trail Stock Classes 17 and 19

ATV Stock Classs ATV Stock Classes 20 thru 22

Race Day

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