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Here is the recorded viedo from the Saturday night Enduro Race under the lights! Watch carefully around the 31 minute mark to See Pat Boucher do his full power 360!


Below is an embedded player for our web broadcast. If you wish to go to the Ustream site so you can use the chat window and other functions, click on the name Ustream in the video window.

Otherwise just click on the play button. You can also watch full screen by clicking on the icon on the RH side of the bottom bar. The stream may take a few seconds to load up and get going so please be patient.

Please enjoy the video feed and also please feel free to add comments or ask questions while the race is being broadcast. We will reply as time allows.




We provide a live web broadcast of our race for those folks that are unable to attend our race in person. We provide the best video feed we can within the limitations of the internet connection speed available to us at the race track.

We also keep viewers informed of significant happenings during the race with the chat window in the viewing portal as we are able to.

This provides a unique opportunity to see the race from the comfort of you chair but in no way replaces being there.

Be sure to check out our broadcast portal to see some of what we have posted for viewing when we are not live.


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